Lee’s Summit Schools Installs First CNG Powered Coolant Heater

Fuel operated coolant heaters are being used by many school districts throughout Kansas and Missouri for idle reduction, to ensure buses will start on cold days and contribute to the safety and comfort of students on the bus.  The majority of these heaters use diesel fuel, and until recently, fleets who are moving to alternative fuel sources like Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), had to leave their fuel operated heaters behind.

This has all changed with the introduction of a new CNG coolant heater which delivers the same benefits to fleets switching to cleaner burning natural gas.  The new heater is marketed by Webasto, a company known for their diesel heaters used in the school bus market, sold and installed by Central Power Systems & Services, the K.C. area Webasto master distributor, and designed and produced by Aqua-Hot, a manufacturer of heating systems for high end RVs and coaches.  The new heaters are called Aqua-Hot® Work Ready™ and they live up to their name.

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