Clean Cities Test Drives Orange EV’s T-Series

Bottom line: you pay more up front BUT start saving immediately, rapidly payback the incremental investment, and continue to save thereafter.  Total cost of ownership is greatly reduced AND of course its without a tailpipe / emissions!


Orange EV’s T-Series has been conducting demonstrations at customer sites since January and has been scheduled for months through the end of the summer. Orange EV is conducting these demonstration onsite at some of the nation’s largest companies in manufacturing, intermodal services, transportation and distribution. Operators of terminal trucks (aka yard trucks, spotters, hostlers, buggies, yard dogs, etc) may contact Orange EV for information on Test Drives and Onsite Demonstrations. Call Orange EV’s Chief Commercial Officer Mike Saxton at (866) 688-5223.

The Clean Cities team test drove Orange EV’s T-Series pure electric terminal truck! Discovered for themselves how easy and enjoyable it is to drive the truck. During the Clean Cities team, visit and test drive, Orange EV officially bestowed Clementine with her name. Clementine is the name given to Orange EV’s demonstration truck, first suggested by Clean Cities regional director Kelly Gilbert as part of a friendly naming competition. Clean Cities’ team member Angela Song did the honors to apply Clementine’s name (see picture).

Orange EV Naming T-Series

Check out Orange EV’s updated website for photos and videos of the T-Series pure electric terminal truck in action. One video shows the T-Series pulling a full load up a 7% grade hill. That’s a tough truck! In addition to being able to do the job of today’s diesel trucks, they cost less. Operators spend significantly less to own and operate an Orange EV T-Series pure electric terminal truck over its life than they would with a diesel truck. See the graphic below to understand the nature and timing of these savings.

 Orange EV Pay Back                 Orange EV Table

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