MO Taxation of Propane Used As a Motor Fuel Amended
In late June, Missouri governor Eric Greitens signed into law a taxation bill that, among other things, enabled several propane autogas – related items.

It establishes a five cent per gallon motor fuel tax on propane used as motor fuel, to be increased to seventeen cents per gallon by January 1, 2025.

Propane fueling stations with quick-connect nozzles that apply motor fuel taxes may be unattended and may sell propane as a motor fuel without verifying for a valid Missouri AFV decal.

Owners and operators of propane-fueled vehicles may continue to apply for and use alternative fuel decals in lieu of paying the motor fuel tax. If the owner or operator of a propane-fueled vehicle bearing an alternative fuel decal refuels at an unattended propane refueling station at which the motor fuel tax is collected at the point of sale, such owner or operator shall not be eligible for a refund of such tax paid.

This act also establishes that owners and operators of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles pay one half the annual AFV decal fee.

This act also allows weight exemptions for Class 8 tractors powered by natural gas.

See the complete description of the bill here.